Public and Media Relations


Are your outreach efforts as successful as they should be? Are you getting the media attention you wish? Do you know about message islands? Talking points? Sound bites? We can help as we have others:

  • Functioned as Communications Manager for the leading 3PL trade association, handling all media relations and editing both a weekly electronic newsletter and monthly paid advertising 32 page hard copy magazine.
  • led a 7 person team that handled most aspects of communication for a Core Business Unit of a major agency within the Department of Transportation.
  • co-produced a video which was used to explain a major initiative which was debuted at national meeting.
  • managed a team which staged a major media event on the Washington Mall in the shadow of the Washington Monument
  • conducted “Product Rollouts” before major constituency groups at their annual meetings using new and innovative techniques
  • responded to media inquires from all type of media.
  • prepared and distributed press releases.
  • secured media attention and place articles in significant publications.
  • set up and managed “media” briefings for sensitive issues.


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